Learn Woodworking From Youtube

I have always been interested in making things. This goes all the way back to Legos and Lincoln Logs as a kid. My first foray into woodworking occurred when my friends and I decided to take on the final frontier of adolescent transportation. Build a ramp, out of what ever scrap wood was laying around our parents garage, haphazardly put a bunch of nails and screws in it, then launch ourselves skyward. 

At that time the internet was in its infancy and the information available on complex ramp construction was limited. Over the past few years, Youtube in particular, has allowed a flood of great content.

Here is my list of must view channels and sites that have taught me so much over the past few years.

There are two channels I want to single out as the most comprehensive woodworking material I have come across on the internet. The Wood Whisperer and Paul Sellers. Their channels have hundreds of videos going over all aspects of woodworking.

Other channels I frequently watch

Jimmy Diresta - Jimmy Diresta is probably one of the more better known channels on Youtube. Specializes in just about everything wood, metal, props, signs, you name it, he's probably made it. 

Steve Ramsey - Wood Working For Mere Mortals - Great how to videos for woodworking, tool safety and lots of project videos or everyday thing you can build.

I Like To Make Stuff - Alot of cool projects using wood and electronics.

Izzy Swan - A jig master, all kinds of unique projects and wild builds.

Jay Bates - Alot of valuable how tos, and great furniture builds.

April Wilkerson - April does a little bit of everything, home improvement, furniture, framing, landscaping.

Samurai Carpenter - Specializes in Japanese hand tools and techniques. Really impressive stuff.

All of these channels are great sources of information and entertainment. I highly recommend any and all of them if your interested in Woodworking or making just things. 

I should probably put out a disclaimer that woodworking is inherently dangerous and you should not attempt anything you see on my blog or on these channels unless you know how to safely operate all of the tools and equipment. 




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